About Darryl {aka Dazza}

The short story

  1. Photographer & partner at award winning wedding photography studio – Tinydot Photography.
  2. Writes, produces and directs corporate videos.
  3. Privileged to list clients such as Seagate, Cisco, Paprika Global, Sennheiser, New Balance, Hermès, and Timberland.
  4. Collaborator and storyteller at Another Beautiful Story.
  5. Has been called a ‘gym rat’. But really, would just like friends and family to get and stay fitter and healthier.

The self-indulgent long story

Hi there, I’m Darryl and ‘dazza’ is the moniker I go by.

Portrait photo of Darryl Chan

I make up one quarter of the Singapore wedding photography studio – Tinydot Photography. Collectively, we have about 30 years of experience in the wedding industry. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have gained recognition and to be presented with awards by a multitude of photography organisations around the world. We are most recognised for our real, truthful and uncontrived photographic work.

I was trained in the mystical arts of multimedia design before I made the switch to photography. In 2005, I was the only Singaporean out of 17 Australian based finalists, in an invite-only design competition. My design and conceptual ideas for ‘CityCam Exchange’ was exhibited in Melbourne and at the prestigious Milan International Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy.

Wedding Photography

I rationalise that the years spent in the creative industry is the cause of my photography work being described as ‘graphic, vibrant and quirky’.

Outside of wedding photography, I have made design, photography and videography works for corporate and commercial clients. And I feel privileged to have worked with clients such as New Balance, Timberland, Cisco, Sennheiser, Hermès, Paprika Global and Seagate.

Recently, I have made some personal work as part of the collective – Another Beautiful Story. Where we showcase stories about artists, artisans and craftspeople, celebrating their stories about their commitment to their passions, through storytelling via videos. We have been super-humbled that various websites have featured our videos and that we’ve been invited to speak at different talks and workshops.

Here’s a favourite of mine, of one of the videos we produced about Michelle Yu of The Gentlemen’s Press

To keep myself sane (and more importantly healthy), I’ve found an interest, actually almost an obsession, with fitness and nutrition. I lack the years of training and formal studies of physical and nutritional education, but I would really love to make the world a fitter and healthier place by sharing my experience with loved ones all the mistakes and successes I’ve had with my ongoing fitness journey.