The wedding plan(s)…so far

“What would be your dream wedding?”

I guess that would be a question most soon-to-be married couples ask themselves. It be an exotic destination wedding for 300 by the beach, with kom loys (sky lanterns), fireworks, and an epic after party dancing till the break of dawn. How about a solemnization underwater in scuba gear, then dining with guests in a submerged aquarium. Or, on a roof top in Paris, with just an intimate party of 5.

Big or small, locally or abroad, the choices (the couple’s own, or ones made for them) are nearly infinite. That is, if the skies were the limit.

The fiancé and I got together on Halloween, I proposed on Halloween (while we were in costume), so the plan would be to be married on Halloween in costume with all our guests. Except that, that would freak out our more traditional and conservative guests (Trust us, the number of times we’ve heard “What?! It’s inauspicious to be married in black!”“Ghost and ghouls at a wedding?! Erm…”, is…pretty often).

And we’d like to respect guests who may not be comfortable with the Halloween idea. Hence, we decided to host separate events for the different groups of family and friends.


The plan;

  1. solemnization on all hallows eve – a small solemnisation luncheon with immediate family and maybe a couple of close friends, at my parents’;
  2. Halloween night – a costume dinner/party for friends (and family who are game enough);
  3. a luncheon for relatives and family guests about a week after (based on the mom-in-law’s auspicious calculations) at the Four Seasons.

The Solemnization
When we finally got our butts down to planning the wedding, the fiancée and I began listing places of significance to us, where we thought might be cool to get married at. And as I was sitting in my parent’s living room one day, I thought “Wouldn’t be cool to hark back to the old days of peranakan families, celebrating special occasions with *tok panjang right here in this living room?” (*I don’t count myself as a true blue peranakan, so I’m not sure I can accurately define this, but check out The Cultural Blog – Peranakan ).

So the fiancée and I talked about it and we realised getting solemnised in the home I grew up and have spent all my life in, would be so much more sentimental than any other place. Plus, the Certificate of Marriage would list the address as the venue of where the solemnization took place at.

We still have to figure out all the details. But we plan to have an intimate celebration here, with our both families witnessing the ceremony, followed by lunch.

The Halloween Dinner Party
We always had this on our minds, a costume party where guests would dress up in however they wanted to. It would be a small-ish event, with 120-160 friends and preferably the most ‘un-wedding’ wedding dinner event we can make it.

We know it may be a lot to ask our guests to dress up, but the small group of friends that brought us together have always had quirky themed parties. So we’re hoping most will be sporting to dress up. If all fails, at least she and I would be.

While we have narrowed our search to a few venues, we actually haven’t locked down one for this event yet. Some of our picks are either out of our range (minimum bookings are beyond our guest list) or already booked out. We’re stressing a bit about this one. So, wish us luck.

The Luncheon
We’ve reserved this day mostly for relatives and family friends. This more ‘traditional’ event will happen with the chinese tradition of ‘fetching the bride’, tea ceremony, etc. The venue is already booked (check out this blog post for details), so that’s been crossed off the list.

I guess I now know somewhat, what it is like for the couples that I’ve shot over the years. The searching, emailing and hunting. While we’re now just left with one venue, I am already anticipating the other big items of the list like photography (obviously), the fiancee’s gowns (this one will be an interesting one, so stay tuned), and the hundred and one other nitty-gritty.

Till next time.

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