this is how our wedding planning began

Last Halloween (2012), I asked the Ladyfriend to marry me with this –

While I was on one knee, we were dressed up as Elphaba the Witch and a flabby version of The Crow –

This year (2013), we finally stop procrastinating and begin planning our wedding for October 2014. With less than 12 months to go, we haven’t booked a venue, found a gown nor suit, and all the other peripheral arrangements for a ‘proper Singaporean’ wedding.

Incidentally, I’m pretty familiar with weddings because I’m a photographer here –

Which is how this blog started – I kept getting asked by friends in the industry as well as from clients, more or less the same 4 questions = "How, where, when, who?“

While I have completely no idea how, where, when (and who is going to shoot/plan/decorate) the wedding, all journeys begin with it’s first step.

So, I guess this is it. Let’s see where it takes us.

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